BBC One – The Child In Time

Who else is going to be watching the BBC’s adaptation of Ian McEwan’s The Child In Time on Sunday 24th September? Starring the one and only Benedict Cumberbatch.

One scene was filmed in a Co-op store, which we represent exclusively for filming and photographic enquiries. Sunday, 9pm, BBC One, don’t miss it.

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We’re all geared up here at Locality for the premiere of the new series Humans, which is based on the Swedish series Real Humans. The show is set in a parallel present, where you can buy your own ‘Persona Synth’ robot, to help out with daily chores and family activities.

Channel 4 have teamed up with Kudos (Broadchurch, Hustle) and AMC (Breaking Bad, Madmen) to create this eerie sci-fi drama. They have gone all out with their marketing; advertising ‘Persona Synthetics’ on TV, placing billboards on Regent Street teasing of a new store opening and even posting a listing on eBay!

A couple of our locations were used for the series, including one of our supermarkets and our underground theatre.

The premiere airs 9pm Sunday 14th June, on Channel 4.

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Persona Synthetics website

TV commercial

eBay listing

New Tricks – Underground Reservoir Location

This weeks episode of New Tricks used our amazing underground reservoir. See it here!

Series 11 – Episode 5 : London Underground



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